Are you running outdated software on your website?

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Posted on 16 June 2020

What if I told you that I had just bought the most fabulous personal audio device, and I told you about the amazing quality of sound that the device produces, and I told you about the incredible modern technology that the device uses?

And then I showed you this:

Old cassette tape

At this point, you'd probably think that I'd completely lost the plot... right?

Listening to music on outdated audio technology might be a curious choice in this day-and-age, but choosing to let your website run on outdated software is a completely different story altogether. Outdated software can actually be dangerous for your website and the visitors that interact with it.

Most people are familiar with the software that runs their website (for example, WordPress) and understand the importance of keeping that software up-to-date. However, many often overlook the importance of keeping the software that runs that software up-to-date. On our network, the software that powers your website behind-the-scenes is PHP, and we provide you with a choice of which version of PHP you would like to use via your cPanel portal.

Like all other software, there are current versions of PHP and there are outdated versions of PHP - the latter being no longer maintained in any way, leaving them susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Currently, any versions of PHP less than PHP 7.2 are outdated.

On 30th of November 2020, PHP 7.2 will reach end-of-life also.

Support for PHP

Currently-supported versions of PHP from


"But surely my web developers will look after this stuff, won't they?", I hear you ask... They will, if you've asked them to... Have you asked your web developers to keep your version of PHP up-to-date...? If so, are they actually doing this...?

If you haven't asked your web developers to help you with this or if you need to check that they are actually doing so, now is the time to have that discussion. You can also contact us for assistance if you don't have a web developer currently working with you.

We will be removing outdated versions of PHP from our hosting servers at the end of 2020. This will mean that websites running versions of PHP less than PHP 7.3 will stop working at that time.

If your website is currently running on any version of PHP less than PHP 7.3, you need to take action NOW to secure your site.

NB: Information presented here is general in nature, does not take into account your particular situation and should not be used in place of professional IT consultation.