All CWS hosting accounts now come with SSL

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Posted on 15 November 2016

You know that we're big on security here at CWS, and over the last couple of week, we've been working to make your website and webmail more secure, without your needing to lift a finger.

All of our shared hosting accounts now come with a free SSL security certificate which you can use to access your website securely, access your email securely or access webmail securely using your own domain name, without needing to use the common CWS server certificates, * Yeah, those are a bit ugly, aren't they?

So why use your new SSL certificate? Well, apart from being able to log into your website and associated services without malicious third-parties being able to snoop on your details, you also will see a benefit with your Google Search ranking, since Google rewards website owners who only deliver their website securely.

When not to use your new free SSL certificate? These new security certificates aren't designed for use with e-commerce websites and they don't come with any transaction insurance (well, they are free, after all!). If you're looking for a highly-identifiable, professional SSL certificate, please ask us about Extended Validation (green bar) SSL certificates for your website.

To use the new certificate on your account, simply open your browser and go to (using your domain name, of course!).

To access webmail, go to (again, inserting your own domain name).

To access the cPanel, go to (and you still need to use your own domain in the URL!)

If you have any issues accessing your website securely, please let us know, but otherwise please enjoy the additional security with the convenience of using your own domain name.

NB: Information presented here is general in nature, does not take into account your particular situation and should not be used in place of professional IT consultation.